Landscaping Logos

Examples of Professionally Designed Landscaping Logos That You Can Get For Your Business!

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For a landscaping business to be successful it needs to be a trusted company in the local community. Every year thousands of  people go into the landscaping business. It’s extremely easy to buy a DBA and put up signs around town adverting lawn care. Most of these businesses will not be around next year, or even by the end of the season, for one of two reasons. They either have poor workmanship or they have a bad marketing plan.

A professionally designed logo will help brand your landscaping business and give your company the creditability it deserves.

A ready-made landscaping logo can be an affordable solution to getting your new image fast. Since the base logo design is already created the logo can be customized with your business name and tagline quickly. This makes buying a logo a breeze. Since you already know what it looks like you won’t waste countless hours working with a logo artist.

While getting a pre-designed logo is fast, easy and affordable it is important to follow a few guidelines before you purchase one.

  • Make sure the design fits the landscaping industry. An obvious choice would be to use a green color.
  • Buy the exclusive rights to the logo design if possible. If this option is not available change up some of the design elements to make it look unique.
  • If your company name doesn’t explain what type of services you offer, use a tagline that does.

examples of landscaping logos

You can find these and many other landscaping logos at 99designs.