How to Create a Custom Logo for your Business and Stay on Budget

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With a little planning and some resources (listed below) anyone can get a great logo designed professionally for them at a very affordable price.

Getting a new logo for a business can seem somewhat overwhelming. A company’s logo is a representation of their business and plays a significant role in developing their business brand. It is very important to have a logo that properly represents your company’s values and clearly defines your business.

Sometimes a business owner has a vision of what they would like their design to look like but aren’t clear on how to express it. This can be a huge stumbling block, which can lead to time delays and costly logo revisions. To help the experience go smoothly, expert brand and logo artists use a proven design process. Here is the basic process we use at SKO Enterprise, LLC.

Custom Logo Design Process

The first step in the process is to gather some important information about our client’s company. This is done with our Project Manager by asking a series of questions we fill out a form known as a Design Brief.

Once the design brief is filled out the artist will use that information to create some logo concepts. By incorporating what they learned from the logo design brief the artists know what type of logo and colors to integrate into the design concepts.

The next step is for the client to review the concepts and discuss the pros and cons/likes and dislikes of each concept with their Project Manager. This step is commonly performed in person, over the phone, via email, or through a private web page.

Once a concept has been selected it may need to be further developed to meet the needs of the client. This is what is known as the revision stage. When everything is approved the artist will convert the logo into a vector format so that it can be used by a graphic artist for both print and screen applications.

As you can see from the above procedure, creating a custom logo is a very intimate and labor intensive process. Project Managers work one on one with their clients and logo artists to provide an exclusive customized design. Since each project is unique most design firms charge by the hour (ranging from $35-$500 U.S. per hour) which can add up quickly. To keep your budget under control you may want to explore a less traditional but more affordable way of obtaining a logo.

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How To Save

Because the design process can be done virtually you can have talented artists from around the world creating design concepts for your business. By holding a logo design contest you can present your ideas to many graphic design artists and you control how much you are willing to pay. The process works much like the traditional logo design process but because it is “virtual” and you are not working with a project manager, the price is considerably lower; typically starting at $300.00.

logo design process

Logo Contest Process

  • Fill out an online design brief
  • Choose a design package
  • List your design contest
  • Give feedback on the design concepts
  • Pick a winner
  • Download your new design

Get a design you'll love — guaranteed

Holding a design contest on the right platform is vital. We recommend only using companies that provide a satisfaction guarantee. That way you’ll be sure to get the logo that’s perfect for your business…
without the risk.