How to Find Great Logos For Sale

meWe purchase all kinds of products all the time, but when there is a lot of money involved or when we wish to acquire something as important as a business logo, we tend to hesitate a bit and then move forward after a lot of brainstorming and thinking.

So when looking for logos for sale you will want to take your time and do it right… Jenna

Here I outline 4 discounted ways to buy logos online.

  • Make your own logo using logo design software
  • Have a custom logo designed by a logo artist
  • Purchase a ready-made logo
  • Buy a logo from an online make your own logo website.

Logos for Sale: Fastest Ways to Buy a Business Logo

Once you are ready to move forward in acquiring your new logo you will most likely want it as soon as possible. Our company has worked with the following logo design businesses over the years and have selected them based on their service, guarantee, and secure ordering process.

√ Logo Software: Make Your Own Logo

Logo Design Studio Pro

Logo Software

Logo software that was designed for small business owners. It’s easy to learn and comes complete with thousands of shapes, icons, templates and fonts. It can produce both raster and vector formats for print and web use.

Pros: You can download the software and start creating immediately.

Cons: Learning new software, you are the designer.

Cost: around $60.00

Visit the website: Logo Software


√ Logo Design Contests/Custom Logos


Logo Design Guru
custom logo design

With Logo Design Guru you get a custom designed logo for your company at a very affordable price. You start a design contest by filling out a creative brief and the price you want to pay. Then logo artists from around the world will create a logo for you. You choose the logo you like best. Your final logo design is delivered in vector and raster formats for both print and web use.

Pros: Many designs, multiple artists, buy logo online

Cons: Can take a week or two to complete the process.

Cost: You set the price. Avg. $100 – $300

Visit the website: Logo Guru


√ Buy a Ready-Made Logo

99Designs logos
With 99 Designs you choose from thousands of ready made logos. You can select your logo by industry to help narrow your search. We suggest you select only exclusive vector formats or that you customize the logo so that it is unique to your business.

Pros: You see the logo before you purchase it. Fast 2 – 3 days, ready made logos for sale online

Cons: Other companies can buy the same logo unless you purchase an exclusive logo.

Cost: $99.00

Visit the website: Ready-Made Logos

√ Create Your Own Logo Online


The Free Logo Service has an online logo maker design tool that lets you create a new logo instantly in three easy steps. Perfect for a start-up business that is under a tight deadline and needs their logo immediately.

Pros: Available immediately, free for website use, business logos for sale

Cons: Limited design ability.

Cost:  $39.00

Visit the website:Online Logo Design

So, What is the Best Way to Get Logos for Sale?

These four resources are great ways to get logos for sale without paying high advertising agency prices. Which way to go will be up to you. However there are a few things that you might want to consider before you purchase your new brand identity.

1)      Are you artistic?

2)      Do you need a logo immediately?

3)      How much have you budgeted for corporate identity development?

These three factors can help guide you when you’re ready to take action and start the logo design process.

Recommendation One: Buy Logo Software

If you are artistic and have some experience working with computer software, buying a logo software would be your best bet. This software can create vector formatted artwork that can be scaled easily to fit all of your media needs. But the real benefit is BECAUSE its vector based, you will be able to use the software to make a lot of your marketing materials yourself and that could pay for itself 10 fold.

Use the software to create print material such as business cards, post cards, etc. You can even make lower resolution/fast loading website artwork like banner ads, headers, bullet points, buy now buttons and a whole lot more.

I’m very happy with this software. It didn’t take long to learn it and works fairly intuitively. Features include a large number of templates, graphic elements, and fonts, and easy exportation of the finished vector graphics into other file formats and programs. An excellent choice for the price-conscious.

- From SummitSoft by R. Riis

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Recommendation Two: Buy Logos Online

Okay, not everyone is a great artist. Even if you are artistic you may not have the time to make your own logo so here’s the fastest, least expensive way to buy a logo online…buy a ready-made logo.

Ready made logos are by far the best option when you want a professional logo fast. For under a hundred dollars you get a logo designed by a logo artist, you get to see the logo before you buy it, and you can change it around to make it unique to your company.

Most design agencies charge a minimum of $1,000.00 to develop a custom logo identity and it take between two to six months to complete the process. By knowing the right place to buy a logo, you can practically get the same service for only $99.00 and a few days.

Fantastic service! Such a wonderful way to obtain good quality designs from a large talent pool. Brilliant!

Sherman Ng — Logo Design for The Peace Process

Extremely quick response rate, friendly, prompt and professional service. With the money back guarantee, this was a no-brainer.

Raul nigli — Computersaurus needs a new Logo Design

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