4 Tips to Selecting the Perfect Ready-Made Logos


If you want to buy a logo for your business or website, then it’s extremely important to understand the fundamentals of branding and design BEFORE you  purchase a pre-made logo and here’s why….

​A logo is the cornerstone of a company’s image. It represents your company and is often times the first impression that a prospective client or customer is exposed to.


  • ​brand your company
  • help you stand-out from your competition
  • establish credibility in your industry

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So it’s important to get it right from the beginning and it’s worth learning some logo design concepts that will help guide you in the right direction. The same rules apply whether you decide to buy a pre made logo or hire a logo artist and have them create a custom logo.

The trouble with designing a new logo that “fits” your business perfectly is that it takes time and can be difficult to express your wants and desires to a logo artist. You may know “sort of” – “kind of” what you want but you may have trouble filling out the creative brief that is required to start a custom logo design project.

Another problem that you may run into is the lack of funds. The common time to acquire a new logo is when you’re just starting your business. Unfortunately, there are many other expenses that go along with starting a new business so it’s important to budget wisely.

logo design tips

Make sure the logo’s attributes fit your industry.
Logos come in many styles ranging from cartoons to ultra conservative to everything in-between. Selecting one that is standard to your industry will help establish your credibility as a leader in that trade.

Select an exclusive logo.
Since your new logo is the cornerstone of your company’s brand it is important to be original. Many pre-designed logo companies offer the ability to purchase exclusive rights to that logo. If cost prohibits this make sure to customize the logo as much as possible by carefully selecting new fonts and colors.

Consider using a tagline.
If you are using a non-exclusive logo a tagline can help set you apart from the others. They are also helpful when your company name does not convey what your business is about.

Vector logo design file types.
You’ll want to be sure to get a vector file format for your new logo. Vector logos are made up of lines and points and can be enlarged without losing quality. This will be important as you apply your logo to larger platforms such as signs and vehicles.

Cemanthe Harries

I was very happy with the wide variety of logos. Super quick, easy & great value for money!

Mary Lynne Ashley

I love my design. The designer turned around my customization request very quickly


High quality logos, an easy process & very friendly designers & customer support.

Benefits of Ready Made Logos:

    No risk, you see the logo before you buy 100% guarantee

    Saves time, you’ll have your new pre made logo in 24 hours

    Vector EPS file format, scales without loosing quality.

      Save money – costs about 50 – 75% less than custom logo design